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A NEW podcast episode is live and ready for your listening pleasure!

"Masterful mediation following separation & divorce with Margaret Halsmith

👉This week’s podcast guest is a mediation Jedi…. She has conducted more than 30,000 hours of mediation and has achieved an incredible amount of professional credits and many accolades.

If 10,000 hours is supposed to make you a master at something, with 30,000 hours of mediation, Margaret Halsmith is a master 3 times over! 🕺🙌

👉Margaret’s knowledge, thoughtfulness and concern for separating families shines through as we discuss:

  • The benefits of mediation
  • How mediation is a future-focused process and can turn participants away from the problems of the past
  • How mediation can shift parents from their seemingly unsolvable positions to creative solutions
  • We talked about different styles of mediation particularly inclusive mediation where the parents can bring in personal and professional support such as lawyers or accountants; and
  • We also talked about mediation misconceptions and so much more.

🗣👉Plus, some very practical advice from Margaret on how you can increase the chances of getting answers you want from your ex-partner and less likely to hear the word “No!”

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