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Dr Suzanne Wigginton wrote her PhD on children’s experience of separation and divorce. She shares what she’s learned from this study as well as insights from her long career - as a psychologist, a mediator and also her work in child inclusive mediation. So much was discussed:
- How to support our children during separation
- 4 phases of adjustment
- How separation and divorce is a grief process for children, as well as parents
- Children’s grief is very different from their parents: play is crucial
- How grief can be mistaken for bad behaviour
- Dilemmas children face that adults don’t
- How those outside the family can support children
- Once again, why it’s so important that parent’s take care of themselves during separation.

Dr Sue can be contacted for individual and family therapy work at Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapy Centre via

Dr Sue is also running 2 workshops at the Relaxation Centre in Brisbane on 14 March in 2020. The first will be held at 10:30 am and is entitled “Will the kids be okay? Parenting after separation” and is based on her research and international findings across the last 5 decades about children’s adjustment to separation. The second talk is at 2 pm the same day and is entitled “Letting go after separation – What has grief got to do with it” and is about moving forward after separation. In this second talk, Sue will talk about the need to move forward in ways that are healthy, whilst acknowledging that this is a grieving process albeit private and invisible and mostly unacknowledged in modern society. The separation journey is much more lonely and difficult if we not have good supports and an understanding of what we are going through.

Keep a look out for future talks by Sue at