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My guest is Dr Jennifer Neoh, PhD, a clinical psychologist who has completed over 1,000 psychological reports and is a single expert witness in the most complicated and serious of parenting cases. Her private practice is focused entirely on families navigating the family law system.  

This interview with Dr Jennifer Neoh focuses on very complex and high conflict separations.  I’m sure you will find this episode particularly informative if:

  • You or someone you know is involved in a parenting or family law matter and you are hearing phrases like family reports, family consultants, single expert witness, parental alignment, parental alienation; or
  • You want to learn more about ways to support children who are caught up in very complex or high conflict separations; or
  • You want to learn more about a model of therapy that my guest has developed called Reportable Intensive Family Therapy or RIFT. It’s fascinating, and I believe, an entirely unique intervention.