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Dr Shaun Delaney, DPsych
Psychologist @ Moving Mindsets, Melbourne

In this latest episode, I’m joined by Dr Shaun Delaney to explore men’s experience of separation and divorce. Shawn’s PhD was a deep dive into this subject & he builds on this knowledge in his career as a clinical psychologist where he works mostly with men considering separation or going through this major life event.

The interview blends practical solutions, particularly the benefits of counselling, with deep insights. So much was covered including the need to renegotiate relationships over time, positive v negative arguments, reasons for break-ups, men’s adaption to separation including grief and loss, the legal journey, how he helps the client throughout the separation journey - from the decision “to stay or go” to parenting after separation.

If you are a man looking to better understand your own experience of separation & divorce, look no further. If you are the ex-partner of a man, parent, friend or have any interest in understanding a man’s experience of separation and divorce, push play now.

I won’t be surprised if you want to connect with Shaun after listening to this episode. He can be contacted at the Moving Mindsets Psychology Clinic in Melbourne, Australia or at

I’d love to hear from you if you know of any other podcasts that feature intelligent insights into men’s emotional experience of separation. Connect with me here.