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I interviewed Michael Hawton, Psychologist, Author & Founder of Parentshop, and as a teacher, psychologist, author and the founder of Parentshop, he had much to share in the 8th episode of The Separation Fix including:-

  • The landscape of a teenager’s world and what they're journeying through
  • Different ways teenagers respond to separation
  • How guilt about separation can impact parenting
  • The QANTAS approach to self-care (put your oxygen mask on first) so you have the capacity to support your children
  • What’s important for teens is also important for separating parents: eating well, controlling the technology, relaxing
  • Why relaxation is crucial for resolving complicated problems
  • the PASTA method of communicating with our teens: plan, appointment, say it, tame the tiger, agreement
  • the PASTA method can also work parent to parent
  • Discussed great Australian resources for children and teenagers including Parentline, Headspace and Kids Helpline and his song recommendation “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGrath 

If you are interested in learning more about Michael, check out his website where you’ll learn more about his books and courses including his latest, “No Scaredy Cats” which is about reducing anxiety and building resilience in children.

Listen here: