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A journey of positive co-parenting 

Part 1, An interview with mum

Positive parenting isn’t all woo-woo – only available to a lucky few. In fact, positive co-parenting can bloom from the rocky soil of an unhappy ending and divorce.  But it doesn’t happen overnight and like most things worth having, it takes effort to get there.  

In this episode, you’ll hear from my guest as she talks about the end of her marriage and the transformation of that relationship from one of a mismatched couple to a reinvigorated friendship as friends and co-parents.  Next week, you’ll be able to listen to her ex-husband - the other side of this co-parenting coin.

My guest graciously shared so much about her separation journey and so much of what she talked about is universal:-

  • The emotions of separation and the massive changes that separation brings;
  • What can get in the way of positive co-parenting particularly in the early days; 
  • The journey of a positive co-parenting involves many ingredients: self-care, support from others, compromising, time and insight;
  • The power of resolving a parenting problem by stepping away, rethinking it and returning to the topic at a later time - sometimes with an apology, an acknowledgment or another option;
  • Adjusting to “the new family” in terms of transitioning between houses, step-parenting and changing needs; and
  • A heartfelt recognition that “It’s not easy, we still have our moments” but the results can be a treasured friendship and a happy, thriving child.  

I’m sure you’ll find this a useful and enjoyable listen. Leave some feedback over on Instagram or Facebook and connect with me there. 

Part 1, An interview with mum. Next week, Part 2, an interview with dad
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