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So much was covered in this interview, the following list is the tip of the iceberg. Dr Kerryann Cook, PhD, lead the way talking about:

  • Get to couple counselling at the early signs of problems or distress – don’t delay!
  • Too many couples come to couple counselling too late, when a lot of damage has already been done
  • Dr Kerryann shares her own model of relationships, “The Relationship Map”
  • The impact of your attachment history on your relationship
  • Dr Kerryann uses a very Australian metaphor, the roundabout, to explain how couples can go round-and-round in their relationships, very unhappy but not able to make change. An affair is one way, albeit not a good way, of getting off this roundabout
  • I suggested to Dr Kerryann that instead of being stuck on the roundabout, couples should take the sign that reads “counsellor”
  • Dr Kerryann explains what happens in couple counselling and makes great suggestions about how to make sure you and your counsellor are a good match
  • How counsellors help couples, “uncouple well” creating functional co-parenting relationships
  • Dr Kerryann generously shares a bit about her own story of co-operative co-parenting – while acknowledging that it’s not easy for couples to have this type of relationship particularly in the early stages of separation;
  • The value and importance of couple coaching and couple coaching groups; and
  • Dr Kerryann’s own couple coaching work including retreats in beautiful places e.g. Bali.

And I thought you might want to know that after February 2020, Dr Kerryann Cook will be retiring from the University of New England. She won’t be stopping though. As well as coaching couples, she will also be training professionals – including counsellors and psychologists – her method of relationship coaching, “The Relationship Map”.

Finally, I should explain that the Australian definition of “thong” is “flip-flop”. This will make sense after you’ve listened to the episode. Enjoy!