#TGIP ~ Thank God It's Podcasting ~ “Should I Stay or Should I go: Surviving a narcissist”

When I began my career as a young family lawyer some 25 years ago 😮, I don’t recall hearing the word narcissist... once. How times have changed (and not just because of my career transitions!)

These days, professionals working with separation & divorce hear this word... a lot.

You may be certain that your STBX is a narcissist and you may be right. But there are a lot of problems with diagnosing others & Forrest Hansen, one of the hosts of this series, recommends leaving the formal diagnosis to a mental health professional.

However, this interview with Dr Ramani Durvasula is fascinating. It’s an exploration of narcissism, narcistic traits and suggestions of how to cope when such negative influences impact your life. Managing expectations is key.

Dr Durvasula is a clinical psychologist, a professor of Psychology at Cal State University and the author of a number of books including “Should I Stay or Should I go; Surviving a narcissist”... And on top of all that, she’s engaging and conveys such compassion 😍.

If you listen to the interview below, I’d love to know what you thought and..... I’d also love to know, do you recall when you first heard the word “narcissist?” Share your thoughts over on our FB page or IG.