#TGIP ~ So money

Thank God It's Podcasting ... I haven’t listened to all 1054 episodes, but I have listened to a lot of them! I love this podcast. So Money includes inspiring stories from guests who share their financial philosophies, wins, failures and habits. The host, Farnoosh’s Torabi is a delightful combination of laser-sharp intelligence and kindheartedness. Kind of like a Money Mary Poppins.

My fandom is not alone. Last week, I noticed that the New York Times named So Money one of their “7 money podcasts you will love”. You could start with episode 1054, an interview with Queen Latifah as part of the BlackWealthMatters series. Or if you are going through separation and divorce, episode 169 which is about rebuilding after a divorce. An early episode but so helpful if you have money worries and, let's face it, most people do.