#TGIP  - Ten Percent Happier, episode 253

Today's #TGIP  is Ten Percent Happier, episode 253

For some time now I've been meaning to recommend the podcast series "Ten Percent Happier" with Dan Harris. Now seems to be the perfect moment as this week's episode is his effort to have a meaningful conversation about race with his guest Lama Rod Owens.

But for me, it was also a masterclass in having any difficult conversation and how it can lead to connection, understanding and change. The guest, Lama Rod Owens, perfectly embodies the skill of listening. So much is about doing your best to avoid assumptions. Another reminder that conversations are also about a willingness to be changed rather than just waiting for a break in the conversation.

Make sure you add it to your playlist and listen, but if you have just 5 minutes now, then fast forward to 35 minutes & then again at 47 minutes.

And the host? Well, Dan Harris was the anchor of the well-known program "Good Morning America" when he had a panic attack live on air. It led him to try something he always thought was ridiculous: meditation. He went on to write the bestselling book, 10% Happier and in this podcast, Dan explores happiness from all angles... I'm glad he does!