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#TGIP - The Space Between .... the perfect podcast for this moment

Like many millions of other people, do you need better results from important conversations? If your answer is YES, then “The Space Between” with Dr Tammy Lenski, PhD, is the podcast for you.

“Here’s what I’m noticing... and here’s what I’m wondering....”

This phrase is just one example of thousands that Dr Tammy Lenski, PhD, teaches to help people get better results from their most difficult and important conversations. Dr Tammy is a conflict resolution expert and for decades has been helping people design conversations that sort out conflict and tension in high priority relationships at home or at work.

“The Space Between” is a gem and with a running time of under 10 minutes, Dr Tammy makes it as simple as possible to improve communication and relationships.

If you master three phrases from this week’s episode, “How to express a concern without making things worse”, I’m almost positive you’ll get on so much better with house-mates; work-mates; love-mates or ex-mates.

For example, at the moment do you feel like you’re carrying all of the emotional load? The household chores? Supervising the schoolwork? With little support from your partner? Well, you could practise this phrase, “Here’s what I’m noticing... And here’s what I’m wondering...”. So, rather than saying something along the lines of “You’re so selfish sitting at your computer all day.” You could try... “I’m noticing that you’re spending a lot of time in your room and what I’m wondering is if we could talk about a different routine?”

It’s impossible for me to do Dr Tammy’s work justice in a post – just trust me and listen to an episode ASAP if you want to have an easier time with those you love or co-parenting with an ex.

The Space Between - the perfect podcast for this moment.

I want to be part of the #globalkindness movement, so contact me if you would like to have a complimentary consult. Separation and divorce involve so much change and, often, some tough times. I’m here to listen with lots to share about how to prepare for uncertain times and what to do when your world turns upside down.