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What does it take to live a happier life?

This week’s #TGIP recommendation is The Science of Happiness. This is such a beautifully
crafted podcast. The tone, the structure, the stories, the message.
It’s also a perfect podcast for this moment. It will deliver what you need – even if you didn’t
know you needed it – like the hills hoist or Spanx!
The premise of the podcast is to learn research-tested strategies for a happier, more
meaningful life. With so much dire news, I plucked out the episode from 28 November 2019
“Happy Again: How to notice what you’re thankful for” as the guest is the comedian and
actor Maz Jobrani. (If you’ve been locking down with Netflix, you may have watched Maz’
stand-up special, “Immigrant”.)

The podcast is a partnership with PRI and the Greater Good Science Centre at
The University of California, Berkley where the host, Dacher Keltner, an award-winning
psychologist, is a professor of psychology. So, it’s no surprise that the podcast teaches in a
way that most of us learn best – through captivating stories, charismatic guests,
underpinned by research. In this case, research about happiness.
Self-care is a bedrock of long-term happiness and well-being. It’s crucial especially in times
of crisis - whether it’s this unprecedented communal experience or the individual journey’s
through their separation & divorce.

But if you need to smile right away, click here and push play now and listen to Maz’ story of being a guinea pig for The Science of Happiness Podcast. 

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