#TGIP ~ Thank God It's Podcasting


Because there are so many decisions to make when we separate, I hope you find the interview with Dr Lisa Shulman interesting and helpful. Dr Shulman is a neurologist and this is her perspective on grief, loss and the brain.

Dr Shulman talks about the neurological effect of loss & ways to heal emotionally – including the role dreams played in her own healing.

As a neurologist, a Professor and a Distinguished Scholar in Parkinson Disease at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (and more!), Dr Shulman is an amazing guide. And this interview is a touching combination of memoir, scientific inquiry and self-help.

If all is smooth with you but you know someone who is struggling with separation or any other loss, you might want to share this post with them.

And, of course, more great interviews can be found “On The Record” with Sheilah Kast at ww.npr.org and wypr.org – Baltimore Public Radio.

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