#TGIP ~ Thank God It's Podcasting ~ Dr Patricia Bay

This week's separation, divorce and relationship podcast review is on Dr. Patricia Bay – Therapy in a Nutshell – episode 12 July 2020

#TGIP (Thank God It's Podcasting!)

Dr. Patricia Bay – Therapy in a Nutshell – episode 12 July 2020

Have a habit you want to break? Have a habit you want to create?

Nearly everyone I know has habits they want to break and others they want to create. Even more so if you’re in the midst of a separation.

A good separation is often built on responding, not reacting and making good decisions based on your needs & interests – and this isn’t likely to happen if you’re not taking care of yourself.

So, you’re going to want to create some new habits of self-care & drop some others that could be holding you back. Is alcohol beginning to have too much pull? Are you taking part in unpleasant text-exchanges with your ex? Or maybe your separation is going pretty well but you want to create some new solo habits?

In this week’s podcast recommendation, “Dr Patty” shares ideas about how to break habits and create new ones. Starting with an explanation of how our habits are formed: the craving, the cue, the trigger, the behaviour and the reward.

Dr Patricia Bay, Psy. D., is a marriage & family therapist and has produced a podcast based on 30+ years of professional experience & training. She’s also written a book of the same name, Therapy in a Nutshell.

I’m really enjoying this podcast – the topics, Dr Patty’s compassionate but light “touch”, the scenarios loosely based on her own clients and some very difficult lessons she shares from her own family life.

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