The enemy at home the separation fix podcast review family violence

There are two words that should never be found side by side and they are "family violence".

One of the reasons I chose to focus more on divorce coaching rather than other more traditional areas of family law is not only because of my commitment to the wonderful benefits that divorce coaching offers but also to be less connected to the shadow that family violence casts over separation and divorce.

The majority of families are not affected by family violence but it is a heavy responsibility for the many professionals who try to protect and fight for these women - including their lawyers.

With the death this week of Karen Gilliland, family violence is something I need to acknowledge. My heart aches for the 3 children who have lost their mother and it's hard to comprehend the pain they must have suffered before that horrible moment. As parents, we all know how incalculable is their loss and how difficult is their way ahead.

If you want to become more informed, you could listen to a podcast series called the "The Enemy at Home". This series was produced by an Australian, Tony Edwards, with his intention to assist those in Australia, escape a violent relationship. 

In Ep 2, Tony Edwards shares why he created the series. This episode and some of the personal stories are tough listening. In Tony’s case, it’s the story of a childhood spent trying to protect his mother. The interview with the experts, e.g. Ep 10: Technology and Domestic Violence, are less visceral but shocking in their own way.
I’m inspired by Tony Edwards for creating this series, the guests who share their stories and the experts who help. One of the messages of the series is that family violence isn’t only physical – it’s verbal, psychological, sexual, emotional and financial.
Tony has safety planning at the forefront of his mind. That is why he produced a duplicate of the podcast called “The Mix”. The Mix has the same content as “The Enemy at Home” except the first five minutes is on a random topic - an effort to reduce risk to those who have to worry about such things.
So, this week, I can’t say “happy listening” but I can say “listening for the better”.

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