#TGIP ~ The Goop Podcast: Gyneth x Elenga Brower: On divorce and self-forgiveness

 In this week's #TGIP ~ Thank God it's Podcasting, today's featured podcast episode is The Goop Podcast - On Divorce and Forgiveness released on 26 February 2019.

Controversy seems to swirl around Gwyneth Paltrow, but from the opening of this episode I was hooked.

As soon as Gwyneth started waxing lyrical about her sponsor who make “vodka distilled with real botanicals in cucumber and mint, grapefruit and rose, peach and orange blossom” I felt myself floating off to a dreamy fantasy world of ... but then Gwyneth and her guest, Elana Brower, jolted me back to reality with a very honest conversation about separation and divorce.

And of course, Gwyneth does talk “conscious uncoupling” & it was fascinating to hear her take on why there was such a backlash against her and Chris Martin at the time.

I don’t think many people could go as “high” as Elana encourages but it’s something to aspire to and even if you get ½ way there, your kids and your future self will thank-you.

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