The separation and divorce landscape

My knowledge and insights about separation have been gleaned over decades. Professionally, I previously worked as a lawyer focusing on family law before moving sideways to become a family dispute resolution practitioner and divorce coach.

I have helped individuals from all walks of life – from BRM rich listers to stay-at-home mums struggling with a sudden loss of income.

I have worked within a myriad of family situations – with individuals in complex family arrangements involving multiple partners to clients impacted by an ex-partner’s addictions. The common link is my commitment – a commitment to helping adults and their children, to get through these challenging experiences towards calmer, stabler and happier times. 

I also bring knowledge and experience from my own personal story having gone through a separation as well as being part of a blended family.

More About Me

People tell me I have an accent – this is probably because I grew up in Canada although I was born in Melbourne.

I have a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario. I loved working at Global Television Network in Toronto in my early 20s.

I obtained a law degree from the Australian National University in Canberra. After graduating, I worked as a solicitor in Byron Bay for nearly a decade.

Even though I don’t work as a solicitor, I continue to be deeply interested in family law and its impact on individuals, families and the community. So, I was delighted when I topped the Masters of Law subject, “Property, Maintenance and Child Support”. I look forward to finishing this degree.

I have done formal training in divorce coaching with CDC which is based in the United States.

I became a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (sometimes referred to as a family law mediator) after training at the Australian Institute of Social Relations, in partnership with Relationships Australia.

I love my community and volunteer with two wonderful local organisations. I’m on the Board of the Byron Regional Community College and the Board of Sourdough Business Pathways which, amongst other things, provides mentors to new and existing businesses in the region.

I had great fun last year doing podcast reviews for ABC radio north coast. I’m going to continue sharing podcasts on my Instagram site, mostly podcasts connected to relationships and separation but also a few to entertain and lift your spirits.

My Commitment ~ Divorce Coaching

I am passionate about divorce coaching.  I see divorce coaching as the missing piece in the landscape of professionals who work with separating families.  I’m committed to divorce coaching because I’m deeply committed to helping separating adults to get through this difficult time as best as possible.  The more this happens, the more likely it is that we can have happier and healthy children, adults, families and communities.