During Separation

I want adults to separate in ways that are as positive as possible and this requires good information, intelligent choices and avoiding unnecessary mistakes. I believe that it’s too hard to go through separation on your own.

As your separation coach, my role is to help you move from the “event” of separation through “the experience” of separation - an experience that can be extremely complex with many unique obstacles and challenges:

  • Parenting challenges;
  • Financial challenges;
  • Career challenges;
  • Legal challenges;
  • Well-being and health challenges;
  • Logistic and emotional challenges such as moving from your existing community or changing your children’s school; and
  • Pressures from relatives and extended family.

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Not only can you find yourself in unfamiliar and demanding circumstances, you are often overwhelmed by the emotions brought on by separation. And even if you are feeling emotionally capable and strong, you may be hampered by your ex-partner who is on an “emotional roller-coaster”.

Given the emotional and practical overwhelm of separation, it can be very difficult to make the right choices. However, if you make decisions or react while overcome with strong emotions, negative consequences can reverberate - often for years.

My role as your coach is to help you avoid separation mistakes, teach you skills, provide you with resources and connect you with other experts when you need them. I am a separation educator, referral service, sounding board and supporter.

Finally, I am your thinking partner who helps you make the best possible decisions for your future based on your particular concerns, needs and underlying interests.