Coaching with Liz

The coaching series includes 3 coaching sessions. The coaching sessions are 1-hour fortnightly for 6 weeks. However, as coaching is designed to meet your needs and goals, the sessions can be scheduled more frequently if you wish.

During the initial session, I'll want to know about your current situation and we’ll explore:

  1. Your biggest concerns;
  2. Problems you’ve run into so far and how they are impacting you;
  3. What outcomes are most important to you;
  4. What obstacles stand in the way of your desired outcomes; and
  5. Discuss your options going forward.

Then each coaching session focuses your initial goals or new goals which have evolved due to changing needs and circumstances.

Extra support
During this time, all sorts of unsatisfactory or challenging events can occur unexpectedly. Often a little support, or some information, can make a tremendous difference and prevent a spiral of unwanted consequences.

That’s why I’m available between coaching sessions via email, whatsapp or text. If you need more than brief exchanges between coaching, I can also bring your next scheduled coaching session forward.

Making your booking
The discovery session can be booked on my calendar but please contact me to schedule your coaching series. 

By phone, zoom or in-person
The coaching sessions are conducted by phone, zoom or in-person for those living close to Byron Bay, Northern NSW.

Individual sessions
If you wish to have further coaching after an initial series you have the option of paying for individual sessions. 

Let's discuss my fees in our initial discovery consultation.

I look forward to meeting you,